Methyl-MAPS (Methylation Mapping Analysis by Paired-end Sequencing) is an assay we have developed to detect methylation-state genome-wide in mammalian cells and tissues. This method can detect methylation state in all sequence classes including promoters, genic DNA, and interspersed repeats.



This technique has several advantages compared with other developed approaches since it is much more cost effective than whole-genome bisulfite and measures both methylated and unmethylated compartments of the genome as opposed to MeDIP which measures only methylated DNA. In addition, Methyl-MAPS measures methylation at promoter regions and at repetitive elements, a genomic compartment most other techniques that use arrays or single end sequencing tags cannot probe.


Above is data from profiling of two normal human breast tissues.  Both raw data from McrBC and RE digest and methylation scores computed from this data ("concise" format") are shown. Please see our publication Edwards et. al. for further details.

You can download the latest detailed protocol here. We have adapted this protocol for both Illumina and ABI SOLiD platforms. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems.